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A missed spring

This was shot on colour reversal film in April 2008 in Shinjuku Gyoen.
The image had a colour cast that I really didn't like and had proved difficult to tweak at the time. Six years later and thing's have advanced to a point where one can fix these types of issues. Lightroom seems to have outstripped photoshop for ease of colour adjustments finally. 

Mt. Takao

Old set of images from a trip up the mountain. Shot using the Holga and any film that was available at the time film.


Sometimes it's all about the atmosphere. In Tokyo you need a real reason to shoot colour and unless you're shooting in the outskirts, the place just looks ugly during the day. Which is why I've been itching to shoot a few festivals. Obon is that little splash of colour in the year that makes it enjoyable to shoot at night again in Tokyo. And along with this comes the festive spirit which always seems to contrast drastically with the day to day tension of the city.


So my friend Oleg came to Tokyo for a week of work and a few days off recently. I'm very glad he could make the trip. I didn't really take the chance the last time he was here to get a decent shot of him but I couldn't let him escape this time.Now that 400b has gone I'm shooting 3000b and carrying an ND4 or 8 filter with me when it's required. Nice thing about 3000b is the neg that you get from the shot. And this shot is from the neg. I only hope instant film for the Hasselblad stays around for a while.

Dog's on the beach

This is a shot from a long time ago. I must be the ultimate procrastinator when it comes to choosing what to post.Everything about this photo is wrong but I can't help loving the atmosphere and spontaneity. It's starting to dawn on my I might have something for beaches. maybe i should spend some more time on them :-) (obviously this whole post is a note to self)

Afternoon light

Earthquakes, Radioactivity, bad backs, hospitals, work, dysfunctional servers. Just some of the thing's distracting me from adding pictures to the blog and taking new ones.

Credit for the ability to shoot on a very rare box of Polaroid Chocolate iso 80 film goes to Nanako san who was generous enough to give me a box AND a box of colour (yet to be shot) as well.

Let's see if I can make up for a large gap in posts.

The Old Man and the Sea

Well, the image does not do the original story justice but what else am I going to put?Another shot from the scouting mission. I think I am going to need at least a day to re-think my scanning strategy.  Not sure if this is before or after I finish all these rolls I have backed up for development.

Can anyone comment on their approach to scanning? I find that dust is a constant issue, followed by flat film and streaks in the film when I scan colour negs.




I've been scanning slides from the family archive. This shot is 1956 Paris I believe. I'm hoping to eventually make a book out of it. The shots will be very random but at least they will be easier to see than as mounted slides in a dusty box in a draw.

Parallel parking

Parallel parking

Another photo from my cycle to Yamanashi. I completely forgot this was there. The route I took is filled with photographic opportunities. The next time I go (this weekend?) I'll be leaving a lot earlier. It's one thing to just ride the route but something different to be stopping regularly to photograph scenes (makes the ride take forever).



I tend to sit on photos for a long time before I decide if I like them or not. This, for me, is not one of them. I was just unlucky that day. Too much cloud and sun could not get up high enough to throw colour over the rocks as it rose. Every time I go to Australia I never seem to have enough time to really explore an area. Avalon has some great shots hidden away. It's just a shame I had no time to find them or see the potabilities.