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Afternoon light

Earthquakes, Radioactivity, bad backs, hospitals, work, dysfunctional servers. Just some of the thing's distracting me from adding pictures to the blog and taking new ones.

Credit for the ability to shoot on a very rare box of Polaroid Chocolate iso 80 film goes to Nanako san who was generous enough to give me a box AND a box of colour (yet to be shot) as well.

Let's see if I can make up for a large gap in posts.

Station life

A wasted evening wasting film. C41 shot in Shinjuku station through a rangefinder and a 50mm lens. This could have been shot yesterday or 3 years ago. It's now all the same to me.

Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower

So I modified a Kodak No. 2A Folding Autographic Brownie so that it would take Fuji instant film. Lots of electrical tape and a few tests later I worked out the 3 fstop settings and the basic focal lengths. I've not shot a lot with it yet but as it's a bellows camera a thought occurred to me while trying to shot with it this weekend. If I could some how take the thing off it's rails I might be able to twist the lens around a bit and get something different. So I now have a very random tilt shift lens. Took several shots to get one steady enough to use.

Shinjuku 3am

Out take from CNNGO"s Shinjuku @ 3am shoot

An outtake from a little assignment I was given by tv network you would have heard of. You'd think that it would be easy to shoot the streets of Shinjuku with no one in them. You'd be surprised at how busy it is at any time of the day or night. Word of caution. Try not to do this in the summer. The entire place smells of urine and it's not because of the poor sewage system. It's literally because so MANY people are peeing in the streets. And you thought Tokyo was hi-tech and trendy!

Sunrise at Enoshima

enoshima sunrise

Woke at 4am to arrive on the island at around 4:45am. After checking the perimeter I spotted a fisherman heading up a path. Follow the local knowledge. Sure enough I found the spot I was looking for although the sun was rising from behind the island. Unfortunately there was no way to get around and the view from that point is not as good anyway. Still, it was surprisingly busy with fishermen for 4:45am (I'm betting most of them get there at 4 or so).