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Salaried man

This has to be one of the best shot's I've taken in a long while. I'd developed it a few months ago and had left it jammed in my Annie Leibovitz book to flatten out (you gotta maximize the value from those expensive books). I'd finally managed to get a few new rolls developed over the weekend and discovered several sleeves in the book I'd forgotten about.This shot popped right off the neg. It seems to have a timeless quality to it I'd like to explore more of.

Salary man

I was about to post a similar but lesser image and realized that this shot was not in my main collection. What an omission! Shot using a Voigtlander Bessa R2A I have tried to repeat this shot countless times with other cameras with no success. This image really describes how Tokyo can feel sometimes or at least feel to the locals.

Masked salary man


Sometimes being a foreigner with a Hasselblad at 7:30am near Tokyo station means you're not going to blend in the with the rest of the crowd hence the look I've managed to capture on the mans face. This doesn't usually happen. Most of the time I'm ignored (and not just in this country!) but it seems, in this instance, it makes the shot with him looking down. Aahh the time (and film) you can waste on a weekday morning near the station.