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Koga san

This was shot on an outing with Thomas, Jon and Koga san when we were visiting Aoki Gahara (suicide forest) near mt. Fuji. A great afternoon after the rain had stopped for thirty minutes and given us just enough time to take a few pictures on lake Motosu (the the right of the picture that you can't see) which resulted in some of my best during the trip. This is just before Koga san became a dad. Oh, this was shot with the Rolleiflex f/2.8 d.

Path up Nokogiri

Shot this last winter using the Holga at midday. Cold as hell and not much in the way of nice foliage. You have to get a bit further up the mountain to encounter snow. I think by that time my fingers didn't work and I couldn't release the shutter. Love the way the Holga screws with the focus position though. I always tend to forget how it screws with the image. Built in atmosphere :-)

The long Grass

This was shot at the start of the year. I think this river near my house is becoming the new muse.Winter is drawing to a close and the that great winter light is going to be replaced by something horrible and sharp unless I choose to wake at 3. A shame inspiration and motivation have taken such a long time to take root again. Hopefully I can sustain this new found enthusiasm.

On the River

Tamagawa - Cold Day

Tamagawa - The Return

Tamagawa -The Road Beyond

Tamagawa - Whoops

After recently moving house and being closer to Tamagawa I've taken to doing a bit of shooting and riding. Unfortunately the only camera I can be bothered to carry more than 20km is my iphone at this point. I plan do a few film shoots but not on exploratory rides. The shot of my head was what happens when you are fumbling with phone, gloves and inner gloves. The order of the images is frustrating me to no end. I need to sit down and fix the bug in the wp theme code but I know it's going to take for ever to track down so I'm living with it for now.

The images were taken at the end of the ride.

My App for choice for shooting with the iphone has to be kitCam. It's by far my favorite photo app. The iphone is also the only other digital camera I own apart from the Pro canon I have. I expect more iphone images to appear here as I attempt to post more often.



I tend to sit on photos for a long time before I decide if I like them or not. This, for me, is not one of them. I was just unlucky that day. Too much cloud and sun could not get up high enough to throw colour over the rocks as it rose. Every time I go to Australia I never seem to have enough time to really explore an area. Avalon has some great shots hidden away. It's just a shame I had no time to find them or see the potabilities.

Walled shadows of Nara

The walled shadows of Nara

In an effort to keep a balance between a holiday and taking photos I too my digital camera and a Holga to Nara. Using Brett's trusty 1000 year old Velvia (that apparently had a speed range between 100 - 1000) I managed to squeeze about 3 semi usable shots out of the roll (not the films fault. Bloody f8 at 100 ASA!)I'm happy with the result. For some reason I value this a lot more than the 500+ digital shots I took that I have not posted.

When developer dies

on the train to Tojinbo

Sometimes you get lucky. First 2 rolls from my trip to Kanazawa and I'm using expired developer unbeknownst to me. The grain is huge but somehow this accident ended in a shot I am happy with. This is also an example of the over use of the red 25 filter I have :-)