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This must have been taken more than a year ago now. Just before Skytree opened. I've not been up. I have found the area to be completely uninteresting - except a small shrine located quite near that has a bit of atmosphere and personality. The mall next to Skytree was nothing special. Same old stores in a different location. I'm sure the view is good if you actually go up. Love the little plane in the shot. Which is the main reason for posting it.


There is a little bar in Kabukicho that holds exhibitions for photographers. Some very famous ones have and do exhibit there. One night I happen to be there and a photographer was having an exhibition. The subject of his work happen to turn up and she turned out to be pretty friendly. Taken with the permission of the photographer and the subject. Names have long been forgotten.



I've been scanning slides from the family archive. This shot is 1956 Paris I believe. I'm hoping to eventually make a book out of it. The shots will be very random but at least they will be easier to see than as mounted slides in a dusty box in a draw.

Kabukicho bar

Jim O’Connell and Dan Buzzo in THE bar in Kabukicho

This is the legendary Jim O’Connell on the right and my good friend Dan Buzzo on the left who spent the evening speaking about the creative muses (was it three or nine?) in the photographers bar (I never remember the name of the place) in Kabukicho. Recommended if you like beer or whiskey, photography and tight spaces.

The Chair series

Took the same train to work for two years and started to notice the different thing's people did while seated in a chair that seemed to be quite out of the way of any trains. What I like about the collect is the randomly different thing's most people are doing at any one time. The series has only been edited to keep the basic format the same (seems I shot more using 35mm than asselblad 120).

Salary man

I was about to post a similar but lesser image and realized that this shot was not in my main collection. What an omission! Shot using a Voigtlander Bessa R2A I have tried to repeat this shot countless times with other cameras with no success. This image really describes how Tokyo can feel sometimes or at least feel to the locals.

Visitor from the other side of the world

Normally I don't post these kinds of snap shots but I need an easy way for a few friends to find the odd snaps I take. My mate Oleg was over from the Ukraine and Citt is about to leave our little team where I work as well as Stephan I guess soon too. So I figured I'd better shoot them all together before everyone runs off to new adventures. So I vow to shoot them all again at some stage, just maybe not all at once.

hmm. I just realized that I feature somewhere in here by accident.

Industrial nowhere

As an escape from obligations looming, I packed my messenger back with about 10kg of camera gear including a tripod and set off for an industrial area of Tokyo. I'd been close to the same place a week before trying to figure out the best way to get there. Most of the evening was spent tracking down interesting scenes to shoot. No doubt I'll be going again at some point in the near future to capitalize on an evening spent cycling a good 50km trying to get pictures. I took the Hasselblad and the Canon in an attempt to capture atmosphere and get instant gratification and while I'm ok at holding a shot at 4th of a second I didn't want to do a 50km round trip and risk a shot being blurry, hence the tripod. While riding around I found myself at the end of a very long walled road with only the guarded entrance to an industrial complex and a very lonely bus stop. With not a soul in sight (except the guard at the end of the road) I set up my tripod in the middle of the road to take a few pictures. Out of the walls came people to the bus stop. By chance I'd picked probably the only moment in the evening when the bus would arrive. I'm interested to see how the Hasselblad image turn out. I leave you with a few more pictures from the outing.