The photographic blog of Sean Wood (aka motionid)

Mt. Takao

Old set of images from a trip up the mountain. Shot using the Holga and any film that was available at the time film.

Mountains and Sea

Over the last few weeks I've managed to do a reasonable amount of riding. Several times to the mountains near where I live and also to Katsuura in Chiba.The Chiba ride was my second time but the first time to the route via the mountains. The first trip was extremely hot and ended up almost passed out on a set of pallets outside a warehouse in the shade 3/4 of the way to the destination. This 2nd attempt, while hot was a much more enjoyable experience. The mountains might have made for a more challenging ride but the cover the trees provided (and the breeze you got) was a welcome relief.

It's been raining every day here for the last few weeks which has made the mountains wet and misty. Perfect for a few pictures with atmosphere. All pictures shot with the iphone. Just way easier to carry and manage while on a bike and riding 150+km than a regular camera (provided the battery lasts!)

Izu Peninsula Part 4

Suruga bay

Suruga bay. A place I'd like to explore more of. Actually the whole Izu peninsula is pretty interesting from a visual point of view. I've not yet been to the mountains but did have to drive through some to get home. Even that journey looks like a great bike ride. More to be explored.

Izu Peninsula Part 1

In June I took a short trip to Izu. Stayed over night in Shimoda. Went by car. It was only short, just two days in total but was great chance to investigate some of the south coast. I'll be going back for sure when the weather is a little cooler and atmospheric.

As an aside it looks like a brilliant place to ride a bike. I could be up for a riding trip around the coast as well.

Trip to Atami (熱海市)

A recent trip to Atami. I'll be going back for sure. Actually the trip along the coast looks more interesting than the destination.Once my bike is fixed (hit by a car 2 weeks ago) I should jump on a train in the morning and spend the day riding around the coast road to check locations.

Kanazawa to Tōjinbō

This is one of my favorite photos.On the train from Kanazawa to Tōjinbō there are these mountains that line the edge of the coast. I was sporting the 150mm lens for the Hasselblad and managed to take a few shots out of the window. Once I returned and developed the film I realized that the developer had died and there were real issues with how the film turned out. I was really surprised and happy to find that the mistake actually made the shot.

Otsuki mountains

[gallery link="file" columns="1" ids="1851"]I finally managed to take my Hasselblad for a ride on the weekend. 100km and a very sore back later I had finished about 2 rolls. My late start and being not as fit as I would have liked clearly affected the number of shots I could get but despite this round of pain I think the area deserves at least a second look. I'll just have to train for it.