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Route 71 square

Just off Route 71

A shot off route 71 near Mt. Fuji. This one shot with a VERY old Agfa B+W 25 asa film. The film is so old that the printing from the paper back on the film has made a permanent mark. The negs are pretty dark but I quite like the result. It seems like an effect you'd get playing with photoshop for an hour or so but it's straight off the neg.


A late afternoon sky in black & white at Birubi beach.

These have been sitting in my computer for 4 years. Needless to say that is a long gestation period before they saw the light of day (or the internet). It's taken this long for me to get around to liking them. I'm hoping this very slow gestation is like a great song that grows on you over time. Music that instantly appeals tends for me to get old fast, so I'm hoping this approach to photography works in the long run.

These were shot on the Hasselblad with either Tmax or Trix (no idea which one unless I dig the negs out and look).

A day at the beach

During the holiday period (to be politically correct for Americans, or, as most Australians like to call it, Christmas)  I returned to Australia with plans to do a fair bit of shooting both inland and on the coast. My plans were dogged with sicknesses and bad weather which resulted in only a handful of pictures I managed to make while I was there. I was fortunate that the day was overcast and there was enough cloud in the sky to make the shots interesting. I've always liked dogs on the beach so while I was on the 35km strip I searched out the lone dog who became the feature of this three image set.

Shot on TMax 100 and developed in Tmax developer but scanned with the brightness and contrast way down so I was able to screw with the balance afterward.

Mirror realities

I started to shoot this series and felt it lacked depth but it has been siting on my computer for a while and I thought it should see the light of day. Inspired by Jon, it's trying to find a different way to look at the same space I use to visit many times a week. Anyway, now that it's out I can leave it alone and get on with trying to find a new subject (which is seeming to take a very long time).

Dog's on the beach

This is a shot from a long time ago. I must be the ultimate procrastinator when it comes to choosing what to post.Everything about this photo is wrong but I can't help loving the atmosphere and spontaneity. It's starting to dawn on my I might have something for beaches. maybe i should spend some more time on them :-) (obviously this whole post is a note to self)

The Englishmen

Adrian and Jon – The Hub, Shinjuku.

And I'm going to use this photo as an excuse to talk about the demise of the 400B Fuji Instant film. Can't believe they have taken it off the market. Right in the middle of a series I was doing using it. This impossible project better get it's act together and start producing peel apart film asap @400 asa at least.

3000 asa! I'm going to have to use a pure black filter just to shoot in the afternoon and still have the background out of focus. Having said that, 3000 asa at night...hmmm, very tempting to do a series with this in the dark.

Otsuki mountains

[gallery link="file" columns="1" ids="1851"]I finally managed to take my Hasselblad for a ride on the weekend. 100km and a very sore back later I had finished about 2 rolls. My late start and being not as fit as I would have liked clearly affected the number of shots I could get but despite this round of pain I think the area deserves at least a second look. I'll just have to train for it.

Ginza line

Ginza line

I've been going through a series I've been working on - eventually working my way up to editing it in some way that adds meaning to what I have shot (always nice to figure it out in reverse. Kind of like designing a logo and thinking up the bollocks rational after to go with it). I've decided that revisiting the images after about 2 years starts to give you a nice perspective on them. This is one that could well fit into several themes I could have going with the collection. Who knows!? Better to get a few out into the wild than let them all just rot on my drives. I'll make a second call out to those in the know about the editing assistance. I'm sure at some stage the series will see the light of day. In the mean time I'll likely post the ones that don't make it here and the ones that do over to the soon to be revamped