The photographic blog of Sean Wood (aka motionid)

Coffee after lunch

Access to good coffee in Tokyo is getting better and better these days. It's only taken until now (how many thousand years!?) to be able to get a decent cup. And while Starbucks rules the land here for now the scene IS getting better.One of the places on the lunch route is Kitsune. I managed to grab these few shots with a new, extremely versatile compact toy that does a great job at delivering extremely sharp, high resolution raw files. If you're interested in tracking down a few other good coffee shops I suggest picking up a copy of the latest CasaBrutus magazine, Tokyo City Guide 2013:

The Wedge

This building is around the corner from my office. After seeing the result I went out and tried to shoot it square without success. The format just didn't work.This was shot on the Voigtlander Bessa R2a with a 50mm @ f16 directly into the sun which is why you see the screwed b+w flare.

I like how the subject takes up the space in the frame in this shot. I also like all the textures and the exposure. Everything to me seems to have the right balance. The clouds, the flare elements fading into small lines on the left of the shot and the tonal balance overall.

Summer excitement


Daytime photography. Something I really don't do much of in Tokyo. Tokyo by day is ugly. Real ugly. Ugly enough to have to shoot in black and white. So, being a night shooter I've always got my camera loaded with 1600 asa (iso to you post film people). During the day this means f/16 and hope like hell the shutter speed is fast enough. The magic thing about f/16 is no focus! Which is why I can point the camera behind me, hope like hell and take the shot. I think the strap adds a level of genuineness to the picture :-)