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Sometimes it's all about the atmosphere. In Tokyo you need a real reason to shoot colour and unless you're shooting in the outskirts, the place just looks ugly during the day. Which is why I've been itching to shoot a few festivals. Obon is that little splash of colour in the year that makes it enjoyable to shoot at night again in Tokyo. And along with this comes the festive spirit which always seems to contrast drastically with the day to day tension of the city.

Shibuya back streets

In the recent past I have had a bit of a discussion with a follower of the blog. Conversations through the comments system that I have enjoyed have culminated in him sending me reference pictures of what he has suggested I shoot or post. This image is a reply to his recent mail.

I'm hoping (but not sure) that this shot hit's the mark. I might have to go digging in my archives a bit to find some more (or just go shoot a few new ones).



I tend to sit on photos for a long time before I decide if I like them or not. This, for me, is not one of them. I was just unlucky that day. Too much cloud and sun could not get up high enough to throw colour over the rocks as it rose. Every time I go to Australia I never seem to have enough time to really explore an area. Avalon has some great shots hidden away. It's just a shame I had no time to find them or see the potabilities.

Adrian Storey - Photographer

Adrian Storey - Photographer

March 2007. I can't believe it's not seen the light of day until now. Shot in the usual Friday night location when thing's were a lot quieter and we were all a little greener. This shot is one of my favorites and one that, in the current light, seems to have more meaning than any of us could have known.

Spring Ume archive

So I am finding more and more that I need to sit on new images I make for more than a year before they start to grow on me. This shot is from two years ago and I've finally decided I like it so now it get's posted. I tend to like shots that don't like I've taken them or I need to leave then until I have no attachment at all and I can maybe see them in a different light and have a subjective view of the shot. I've not been shooting much. Busy with work. Lot's of new little updates coming in the following months I hope. Stay tuned.