Photo by  Curtis

Photo by Curtis


I'm a web focused creative director who commutes to work by bicycle in Tokyo, Japan.

I grew up in Sydney, Australia where I studied television production, learned interactive design in a trial by fire fashion and started a design studio with two other partners.

On my journey to Tokyo I've managed to live in Hong Kong twice where I worked for two creative agencies, learned not to live next to the clubbing district of Hong Kong and discovered all kinds of great food that would make my mum cringe.

Anyone wishing to contact me professionally can do so through here.



The work presented is the results of experiments made over multiple years while out and about. Almost everything presented is a "found" situation usually involving people taken candidly. Photography for me is a creative outlet where I am free to explore ideas of my own, client free and without expectations. The camera is also a means for me to break out of my shell and interact with people whose language I can't speak or whom I normally wouldn't meet.

I do enjoy exhibiting my work when I have the chance.


  • Fragments Of Tokyo Exhibition At Place M 12-18 November 2012

  • Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi department store - Tokyo 2010
    (The first time in the stores 300 year history they have exhibited photographs)

  • The Tokyo Beats - "The War on Reality" - Tokyo, 2009

  • The Tokyo Beats: Collaboration with Brian Scott Peterson - "Hail to the Taxi Vol. 1" - Tokyo, 2008

  • The Tokyo Beats: Collaboration with Brian Scott Peterson - "Hail to the Taxi Vol. 2" - Tokyo, 2008

  • Street Photography Exhibition - 2008
    The Center for Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins, Colorado.

  • The Tokyo Beats - "...And the Horse you road in on" - Yokohama, 2007


My process has evolved over the years to become the following:
Shoot images.
Download them to the computer or leave the roles undeveloped until I have more than 10.
Wait multiple months or years.
Remember vaguely that I shot them and go take a look after a long time has passed.
Maybe assemble them into some kind of coherent set.



If I have taken a photograph of you and you have not received it yet I would guess it's because the image is going through my process (see above). To speed this along I recommend a short email demanding your picture. That should work.



The blog is where I post an incoherent stream of images in the hope that over time some of these will be assembled into some coherent, focused set. Half the time there will be experiments added and the other half, random images with an aesthetic that appeals. 



If you have an interest to meet me (or ask a question or three) for whatever reason, feel free to reach out and say hi. My world is too damn small and needs expanding so if you're up for a coffee, beer, photo walk or adventure to Iceland just drop me a line.