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The little road

I'm sure this little series I've just made will appear in B+W but for the moment I'm releasing maybe a single colour image.

Venturing to the mountains again I happened upon a little road I did not know existed. Followed it quite a way before the rain caused me to turn back (that's what happens when you carry three cameras and no umbrella on your journey :-)

I will be visiting this area again but hopefully next time it will be by bike and I will see where the rest of it leads.

The weather, if you have not guessed by the picture was wet and foggy with the whole mountain covered in cloud. At points you couldn't see beyond 15 feet in front of you (that's 4.5 metres for the modern world).

I also shot Holga and Horizon Perfekt. Will be interesting to see how the film turns out.

As usual click the image for a larger version.


Mt. Takao

Old set of images from a trip up the mountain. Shot using the Holga and any film that was available at the time film.

More of the neighbourhood

More adventures with the Holga.

There is a block of public apartments near where I live that runs about 8 or 9 stories high. Access to the stairs leading to the top floor is open so I took a visit on a mid Sunday afternoon conveniently missing the sign (I discovered on another day) that said no trespassing or the police will be called. Thank god I didn’t get caught.)

Having now been up their and shot a role or two I’m keen to access a place with the same kind of view with the same hight and a lot less risk.

Tokyo is a lot more interesting when you can see beyond your own nose.

Shot using expired Chinese 100ASA film which helps produce the really spotting images.

Path up Nokogiri

Shot this last winter using the Holga at midday. Cold as hell and not much in the way of nice foliage. You have to get a bit further up the mountain to encounter snow. I think by that time my fingers didn't work and I couldn't release the shutter. Love the way the Holga screws with the focus position though. I always tend to forget how it screws with the image. Built in atmosphere :-)

Misty mountains

A few months ago I took a day off and went for a training ride and took the Holga. I've lugged the Hasselblad around the mountains before but sometimes you need to make a compromise.The whole area I ride (see strava link above) has the potential to look like this. And if you can time your ride and hit the last mountain late afternoon the sunsets can be impressive. Now summer is here I'll have to wait for winter to set in before we see more moody, misty skys again.

Shot on Portra 400 and developed with a load of crap all over the neg (hmm).

Walled shadows of Nara

The walled shadows of Nara

In an effort to keep a balance between a holiday and taking photos I too my digital camera and a Holga to Nara. Using Brett's trusty 1000 year old Velvia (that apparently had a speed range between 100 - 1000) I managed to squeeze about 3 semi usable shots out of the roll (not the films fault. Bloody f8 at 100 ASA!)I'm happy with the result. For some reason I value this a lot more than the 500+ digital shots I took that I have not posted.