The photographic blog of Sean Wood (aka motionid)

On the Street

Finally a few street shots. I've been trying to figure out (not making much of an effort mind you) how to use this Sony thing with a screen on the back and no finder and it's not easy. The main issue is the shallow depth of field. I guess I could stop down a bit but when you nail the focus the shot really shines. I'm holding off on a finder on account of them being stupidly expensive. What is probably not helping is I'm moving as I shoot.Hopfeully more of these soon.

The Journey Home

One day soon when I get motivated I'm going to shoot more of the route I take to and from work by bike. The route that follows the Tama river goes for around 11km and is really only accessible by bike. The above shot is a sample of the kind of thing you see at night along this stretch of river. Hopefully more to come.

Coffee after lunch

Access to good coffee in Tokyo is getting better and better these days. It's only taken until now (how many thousand years!?) to be able to get a decent cup. And while Starbucks rules the land here for now the scene IS getting better.One of the places on the lunch route is Kitsune. I managed to grab these few shots with a new, extremely versatile compact toy that does a great job at delivering extremely sharp, high resolution raw files. If you're interested in tracking down a few other good coffee shops I suggest picking up a copy of the latest CasaBrutus magazine, Tokyo City Guide 2013: