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There is a little bar in Kabukicho that holds exhibitions for photographers. Some very famous ones have and do exhibit there. One night I happen to be there and a photographer was having an exhibition. The subject of his work happen to turn up and she turned out to be pretty friendly. Taken with the permission of the photographer and the subject. Names have long been forgotten.

You so big hardy colt!! Come striking me like crazy animal with doggy style.

About 4 years ago in what seemed like another world and another time a group of us came across this bike parked innocently in the back streets of Shibuya. A normal bike until we took a closer look. The reaction of everyone reading is a classic.

On the hill

I have been uninspired lately to post anything of  Tokyo. I am wanting to do a series but have too many other half completed series' on the go I cannot muster the energy to start another one. 13 rolls of film yet undeveloped and many rolls unscanned and forgotten. Every photo chosen is a photo unfinished which is probably why I have so many pictures and post so few. That, and I can never decide if I like some shots or not. Or maybe I should accept that I have run out of good shots and should stop trying to feed the blog and get on and make new ones. This is a shot taken mid 2006 in Australia where I first visited Tea Gardens. On the way if you look carefully you can find this tree on a hill. I have visited the site a few times and shot it with the Hasselblad . One of the many forgotten images made. maybe the past is worth revisiting? Even if it's just for a short time.