The photographic blog of Sean Wood (aka motionid)

On the Street

Finally a few street shots. I've been trying to figure out (not making much of an effort mind you) how to use this Sony thing with a screen on the back and no finder and it's not easy. The main issue is the shallow depth of field. I guess I could stop down a bit but when you nail the focus the shot really shines. I'm holding off on a finder on account of them being stupidly expensive. What is probably not helping is I'm moving as I shoot.Hopfeully more of these soon.

Trip to Atami (熱海市)

A recent trip to Atami. I'll be going back for sure. Actually the trip along the coast looks more interesting than the destination.Once my bike is fixed (hit by a car 2 weeks ago) I should jump on a train in the morning and spend the day riding around the coast road to check locations.

Tokyo stations at night - cont.

Taking a break for medium format I went back to shoot with the rangefinder for a while. These shots are a mix of 35mm and 50mm all shot at night in various locations but on the subway and the JR.