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For what could possibly be a happy title I've managed to make a pretty dark image.Went out after a few drinks this evening and found myself a few Ponies with owners. Somehow through the rain and umbrellas I managed to get something I liked. Or maybe it's because I haven't shot this way for more than a year it feels new again. Either way it's different to the clich├ęs I'm known for apparently.

Don't look up

And on a completely unrelated topic to the photo above, I will need to take a little break from shooting as I have managed to damage my back badly and need to rest it a bit.Expect a few archive shots to fill the gap in the mean time.

20 years of work

My good friend Tanaka san recently had an exhibition of 20 years of work. The collection consisted of every photo, digital and analog, printed on contact sheets. As always his art direction is stunning with the analog on traditional sheets in black and the digital on the opposite wall in white.

The images themselves are very industrial but you can't not be impressed by the consistency in his tones, persistence and variety of images in such a narrow subject focus.

The man and his work are truly and inspiration and if you have a chance to check his art direction work you'll find an attention to detail that will impress.

Expensive fuckup

Well that was an expensive fuckup. Trade the 1d mk3 for a 5d mk2 only to trade back again less than 1 month and less than 300 photos later.Lesson learned. The only reason I did not switch to Nikon is it would have cost me significantly to buy the same setup I have now. And given I make no money taking photographs it seems slightly unjustified. Moral of this story is buy Nikon from the start. Canon had the edge until the D3 then everything changed.