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Mirror realities

I started to shoot this series and felt it lacked depth but it has been siting on my computer for a while and I thought it should see the light of day. Inspired by Jon, it's trying to find a different way to look at the same space I use to visit many times a week. Anyway, now that it's out I can leave it alone and get on with trying to find a new subject (which is seeming to take a very long time).

Shibuya panoramic reflections

Shibuya panoramic reflections

Inspired by one of Jon's shots (You always give credit. I hate the way people take an idea from somewhere and pretend it's theirs).I thought I'd see what happens when you put your panoramic camera in a puddle while it's raining. I'm going to claim the colour version now before someone rips me off and does it before I've developed my film (like it hasn't already been done a millions times). More to follow at some stage when the film is ready.