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Afternoon downpour

Mountain Trail

Top of Matsuhime pass

View from half way down Matsuhime

Reverse Matsuhime climb

Spent golden week (read - a few public holidays) driving around the mountains I usually ride. Was a relief to be carrying the camera in the car rather than lugging it 100+km on my bike. The weather turned bad late in the afternoon which brought hail and a huge downpour. I felt sorry for the few people we saw doing a reverse climb of Matsuhime pass. Images all shot with the Canon and various lenses and tweaked in lightroom. Oh, and the pics, as usual appear in the wrong order. One day I'm going to fix that.

Misty mountains

A few months ago I took a day off and went for a training ride and took the Holga. I've lugged the Hasselblad around the mountains before but sometimes you need to make a compromise.The whole area I ride (see strava link above) has the potential to look like this. And if you can time your ride and hit the last mountain late afternoon the sunsets can be impressive. Now summer is here I'll have to wait for winter to set in before we see more moody, misty skys again.

Shot on Portra 400 and developed with a load of crap all over the neg (hmm).

Otsuki mountains

[gallery link="file" columns="1" ids="1851"]I finally managed to take my Hasselblad for a ride on the weekend. 100km and a very sore back later I had finished about 2 rolls. My late start and being not as fit as I would have liked clearly affected the number of shots I could get but despite this round of pain I think the area deserves at least a second look. I'll just have to train for it.