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The Journey Home

One day soon when I get motivated I'm going to shoot more of the route I take to and from work by bike. The route that follows the Tama river goes for around 11km and is really only accessible by bike. The above shot is a sample of the kind of thing you see at night along this stretch of river. Hopefully more to come.

Trip to Atami (熱海市)

A recent trip to Atami. I'll be going back for sure. Actually the trip along the coast looks more interesting than the destination.Once my bike is fixed (hit by a car 2 weeks ago) I should jump on a train in the morning and spend the day riding around the coast road to check locations.

Ginza line

Ginza line

I've been going through a series I've been working on - eventually working my way up to editing it in some way that adds meaning to what I have shot (always nice to figure it out in reverse. Kind of like designing a logo and thinking up the bollocks rational after to go with it). I've decided that revisiting the images after about 2 years starts to give you a nice perspective on them. This is one that could well fit into several themes I could have going with the collection. Who knows!? Better to get a few out into the wild than let them all just rot on my drives. I'll make a second call out to those in the know about the editing assistance. I'm sure at some stage the series will see the light of day. In the mean time I'll likely post the ones that don't make it here and the ones that do over to the soon to be revamped

Shinjuku Station

So I often find my favorite place to shoot these days is on the way home from somewhere. The great thing about stations is that people are transitioning and are usually not in one place for that long. They don't want to move from their place in the que and are often in their own world wasting time until the train arrives which is the perfect environment for me to be shooting in. Why go find the people when you can let them all come to you? The difficult part is that a hasselblad or rolleiflex is not subtle and a regular rangefinder or slr is very obvious so you still have to pick your moments.