The photographic blog of Sean Wood (aka motionid)

Mobile tools

This post is a test of a few mobile tools I've been trialling.  

The workflow is as follows: 

Shoot with the Canon to an eyefi 2 card.  

Upload pics to phone.  

Edit pics on phone in VSCO cam then use the SquareSpace blog tool on the phone to upload the pics and write the post.  

The photo workflow seems to work quite well. The idea of not having to sit in front of a computer to edit and adjust is quite appealing. I suppose this approach is not only normal to some but the only way of working.  

I'll be interested to see how this post turns out when viewing the site. There doesn't seem to be a lot of control with this blog tool.



After posting I discovered a few thing's. First issue was that I edited an old post from the days of Wordpress which happened to have a load of code injected into the body which could not been seen using the SquareSpace app. So I removed that once I checked the post using the computer.

2nd issue was that I could not enable the Lightbox function for the pictures using the SquareSpace app so I subsequently tweaked each image. Other than that the workflow seemed to work quite well.

Downside to all of this, however, is that the images being edited are jpg's not RAW and, I have no ability to apply any editing settings to the RAW files if I so choose at a later date.

Mountains and Sea

Over the last few weeks I've managed to do a reasonable amount of riding. Several times to the mountains near where I live and also to Katsuura in Chiba.The Chiba ride was my second time but the first time to the route via the mountains. The first trip was extremely hot and ended up almost passed out on a set of pallets outside a warehouse in the shade 3/4 of the way to the destination. This 2nd attempt, while hot was a much more enjoyable experience. The mountains might have made for a more challenging ride but the cover the trees provided (and the breeze you got) was a welcome relief.

It's been raining every day here for the last few weeks which has made the mountains wet and misty. Perfect for a few pictures with atmosphere. All pictures shot with the iphone. Just way easier to carry and manage while on a bike and riding 150+km than a regular camera (provided the battery lasts!)