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Sometimes in the craziness of a Friday night at Shinjuku station you need to just stop or slow down. The man is caught in the moment where he just needs to stop and take stock of where he is, where he is going...just to think for a minute. If he was closing his eyes to the madness, that would be the shot to get.

No idea

no idea

Sometimes you look at a picture and just have no idea as to what's going on. What is the girl on the left holding? What is the girl in the middle looking at and why does the girl on the right look clueless? And what are they all wearing!? Well, I guess I can't talk either. Shot the whole thing using a Hasselblad with film. What a waste! Still, not bad for manual focus and eye metered exposure.

Lens fun

So just for fun I asked several people, including my friend Stephan, for a photo. I usually use the Hasselblad and have tweaked my settings so I can use the 80mm lens to take close-up head shots. I was, however, surprised to see the result when I developed the film. I wasn't expecting him to look so different. And I always thought that the 80mm lens on the Hasselblad was a 50mm equivalent on a 35mm SLR. What a difference a lens and a bit of fiddling with the settings makes. Stephan prefers the digital shot. Probably because of how different the lens makes his face look. I actually like it more. Most likely because it's difficult to replicate the look. In any case I'm surprised to see how well the film version turned out when putting it side by side with the digital one. More of these to come.

JR staff portrait

JR staff portrait

This past weekend I spent the day changing all my chemicals to new ones. My fix has now changed back to Kodak and is slightly more concentrated than before. The jars that hold the 1 gallon A and B solution needed to be scrubbed and chiseled at to remove the years of build up of gunk at the bottom.As a result of all this work my negatives look amazingly clear. It's easy to let quality slip as chemicals start to slowly die and it's difficult to notice until it's too late (or not at all in my case for a while).

Fragments of Tokyo

Watanebe san, Koga san, Thomas and Jon looking his usual self at the front
Watanebe san, Koga san, Thomas and Jon looking his usual self at the front

So I managed to visit the Fragments of Tokyo exhibition at M Place in Shinjuku Gyoenmae and have to say I was impressed. Four very different styles of photography and each with a wonderful and different perspective of Tokyo.

If you missed it you'll have to bug them to put on another show. Below is each members flickr stream although to really do any of these pictures justice you need to see them printed. It was really a different and exciting experience to see them printed and presented as a series. Congratulations to the four of you.

Toshiya WatanabeDairou KogaThomas OrandJon Ellis