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Morning coffee

morning coffee with Fumi

I've become obsessed with this Fuji instant film of late. No development needed. Instant atmosphere, predictable (to an extent) results, I just wish it wasn't so expensive and messy. And the other annoying thing is trying to carry the pictures around with you after you've shot them. I have developed a practical method for this -  a plastic hard disk case. Keeps the dust out and prevents the photos from sticking to your bag . The trick is just to ensure you dry the photo long enough before putting it in the case. Scanning these instant photos is a whole other challenge. If you don't like touching out dust, don't think about shooting these because regardless of how careful you are you'll be dust busting for hours. You can always leave the dust in for effect :-)

Still life

leaf on film

This is the same leaf I shot using Fuji instant film. Wanted to see the difference between the two. The Instant film has more personality but I life the tones of this shot also.  The image was really inspired by this New Order album cover. This is me just managing to waste several hours one hot Saturday afternoon figuring out how to shoot it.


Painterly madness

Macro shot gone funky

I was looking at my archive today and found this shot hidden away. Sometimes it take a year or two for me to finally see something in a shot. In this case it was not the foreground at all but the background craziness I had ignored up till now. Shame there is not more interest but still, I quite like the painterly feel.

Flickr response

flower closeup with the contax 645

It's interesting to see how people respond to different photo's. More often than not (80% of the time?) I find people liking shots I've taken that I think are ok but nothing out of this world. This particular shot appeals to me for a number of reasons and was ignored on flickr :-)The tones in the shot are hard to achieve in B+W film unless the exposure and circumstances are spot on. The picture was taken using the Contax 645 with the Zeiss Planar 80mm f/2 lens with a special adapter which makes the background just vanish into a smooth blur. I like this photo a great deal and it was interesting to see who fav'd it. Expect more in this series and follow up with a bit of colour too.


instant film mini world
Well, It's actually not Polaroid, it's FujiFilm FP-400B but it's close enough given the number of boxes of the stuff I've gone through without getting a single result because, for the last year, I've been loading the fucker the wrong way! I was hoping, on my first outing with the stuff, to keep the negative side. But alas, it seems you have to really wait till it dries before it can be moved. Not really suited to taking a shot and moving around either unless you have some special container to hold the negatives (tried a box but got carried away with putting more than 1 in the box. Result? Stuck together and useless).

Any tips or suggestions on the negative holding, drying carrying or scanning are most welcome.