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Exhibition Setup

Here are shots of the setup for exhibition I just had.
Before I start on the little story, a very large thank you goes to Thomas, Watanabe San, Jon and Koga San for letting me participate this year.

Setup begins at 7pm on a Sunday night. As the previous exhibition is being taken down a team from the gallery sets up make-shift tables and begins setting up the new exhibition. You have the option of renting frames from Place M or bringing your own. In my case I rented the frames which proved to be a very practical idea. I came with prints and mattes ready which I turned over to the team.

In short order they had my whole set framed and mounted. I was impressed with their efficiency.

For the mounting to the wall they use a laser to ensure all images are mounted straight and at the same height. This makes the process super simple. Thomas chose to bring his own frames and Watanabe San had rented frames from another vendor. Turns out Watanabe Sans images only just fit the frames which meant struggling with the framing process somewhat. Thomas' big challenge was just to figure the layout of the images. And being French meant that this took longer than normal as one needs to throw ones arms around a bit, check lots of details in an animated way and mix up French, English and Japanese in explaining how thing's should be.
There was a slight setback with Jon's prints when we realised that the gallery no longer had the frames that he planned to use. Lucky for us Thomas was using the same size frames and we could rent one from down the street so we had four of his six prints up on the wall from day one. Thomas turned up the next day at the opening and made sure the last two were complete.

The whole setup took maybe one and a half hours after which the team proceeded to bring down a load of beer and food and eat right off the setup tables! Place M have a great system in place and the eating aspect makes the whole experience feel a bit of a family affair.

What I learned from the whole event was ones exhibition needs more time and focus that I made this time around. I also learned that I should be listening to myself and not to everyone else when it comes to the details of exhibiting your own prints.

Fragments of Tokyo Exhibition at Place M 12-18 November 2012

So I guess this is me advertising the exhibition I am part of. Place M

所在地:東京都新宿区新宿1-2-11 近代ビル3F

12-18 November 2012. 12pm - 7pm every day.

I'll be there on the 17th and 18th all day. The goal of the exhibition for me I guess is to use this as an excuse to meet people. So feel free to stop by and say hello. I'll be showing a little set I've had stashed away for a long time now. Time to let them see the light of day. Other members:

渡部敏哉 Toshiya Watanabe Jon Ellis Thomas Orand

Upcoming Exhibition

I'm joining what should be four other photographers in a group exhibition this November. Unfortunately Koga san has had to drop out due to family reasons. The Exhibition is called "Fragments of Tokyo" and will be held from Monday 12th November till Sunday 18th November.

Above are the characters that are participating.


Watanabe san


The Group

Takahiro Tanaka

My Friend Tanaka san had another exhibition at his studio the other week. Every time I've been there he's surprised me with a new set of work completely different from the last yet totally consistent with the theme that seems to run through all his work.

You can take a look at it all here:

The work he was showing this time was created over a 20 year period. Each canvas acting as a protective sheet as he made his paintings. The canvas itself becoming the art hundreds of paintings later. I can't help but be impressed with his single mindedness when it comes to following a theme. Everything he does is black and white or as he would like to put it "Grey". From photographs to paintings to found objects, graphic design and even music (noise compositions) he is consistent in theme and his minimal approach. I only wish he got more exposure for his work as it, as a collection, really unlike anything I have seen.

If you want to see his work and he's not having a show drop him a mail. I'm sure he won't mind letting you peek into his studio if you ask nicely :-)

Post Fragments of Tokyo 2011

Finally I discover where the Negs to the exhibition party went.I ended up double exposing a few of them at the start of the roll. Figured it might make for something a bit different. Well, I'd say different is correct. Still...I'm kind of happy with the way some of these turned out. Slightly more entertaining than your usual snap shots.

Jon Ellis, Dairou Koga, Thomas Orand, Toshiya Watanabe.


Fujiroid Planet

This past weekend I was invited to an exhibition of Riku Wada san and Sayako Ishida san. They had both travelled to different places in the world (iceland, Portugal, Morocco, Argentina to name a few) and used Polaroid cameras to take pictures of their travels. By plan or by accident they managed to create a really amazing series of images. Because of the nature of the medium, the colours were all very consistant right across the world and the subdued yellowish tones suited the subject matter. In fact, had they used any other type of camera they would not have achieved close to the quality, consistency or look that they got with the polaroid.I'm hoping they make a book of the shots. They are too good to waste on just a one time viewing. The shot above was taken at the exhibition and is a globe they make with pins stuck into the places they travelled to. This was taken with a Hasselblad with a polaroid back and Fuji 100c film. And, as fate would have it, I got a happy accident. The resulting blue spots is a result of the film not being able to handle the overexposure of the light.

Fragments of Tokyo

Watanebe san, Koga san, Thomas and Jon looking his usual self at the front
Watanebe san, Koga san, Thomas and Jon looking his usual self at the front

So I managed to visit the Fragments of Tokyo exhibition at M Place in Shinjuku Gyoenmae and have to say I was impressed. Four very different styles of photography and each with a wonderful and different perspective of Tokyo.

If you missed it you'll have to bug them to put on another show. Below is each members flickr stream although to really do any of these pictures justice you need to see them printed. It was really a different and exciting experience to see them printed and presented as a series. Congratulations to the four of you.

Toshiya WatanabeDairou KogaThomas OrandJon Ellis

Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi exhibition

Breaking wave - one of the 6 photos being exhibited at Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi department store

I've kept this exhibition pretty close to my chest thus far. I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out. It's a very large group art selling festival (for want of a better description) which I've somehow managed to get myself involved in.Despite it having a very department store like feel I have to say I'm enjoying the experience. The range of people that travel past the exhibits every day is staggering. The other thing that has completely knocked my socks off is the price of some of the work on display. The most expensive piece I found was over $500,000US so there is quite a price range to be had. I have been lucky enough to be included as one of only 2 photographers to be exhibiting and Mitsukoshi is, for the first time, including photography in their art exhibition (so I guess I should be feeling privileged).

If you have any interest the event is on till the 18th located on the 7th floor of the main Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi store (Mitsukoshimae station on the Ginza line).