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Takahiro Tanaka

My Friend Tanaka san had another exhibition at his studio the other week. Every time I've been there he's surprised me with a new set of work completely different from the last yet totally consistent with the theme that seems to run through all his work.

You can take a look at it all here:

The work he was showing this time was created over a 20 year period. Each canvas acting as a protective sheet as he made his paintings. The canvas itself becoming the art hundreds of paintings later. I can't help but be impressed with his single mindedness when it comes to following a theme. Everything he does is black and white or as he would like to put it "Grey". From photographs to paintings to found objects, graphic design and even music (noise compositions) he is consistent in theme and his minimal approach. I only wish he got more exposure for his work as it, as a collection, really unlike anything I have seen.

If you want to see his work and he's not having a show drop him a mail. I'm sure he won't mind letting you peek into his studio if you ask nicely :-)