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Sunset at mt. Fuji

Mt. Fuji sunset

I tell you I'm a bit hacked off with this Ektar 100 film. This is the 2nd roll I've shot of the stuff and this time I pushed it 2 stops. Should be no issues given I push another neg film and have never had problems. I have, however, had issues with getting Ektar developed at Horiuchi Color before. SO, this time I figured I'd go to the source and get it done at Kodak. Well, the bloody neg has blotches all over it. Spend a good 20 mins touching the crap out of it to make it look half ok. The OTHER issue is that they decided to charge me 1449 for ONE roll! And this is development only. I must say, I do like the colours I managed to squeeze out of the film but not if I'm going to get bent over a table on the price and they do a shoddy job of it to boot (the development not bending you over a table. That they are good at).I think I'll have to give Ektar a miss from this point on. Shame.