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Olympus pen-s half frame

[gallery] Before I took some time off from shooting (something I badly needed) I was testing out an old Olympus Pen-s half frame camera. With all the talk of the new Olympus pen digital I thought I'd give the camera a try for the second time. My first attempts were not great as it doesn't have a meter, has a shutter limit of 250th/sec and has a tiny ring where the aperture of the lens can be changed with a lot of effort. After more than a month on the shelf I thought I'd develop 2 of the films I'd shot with it to see what I had. I've not had a chance to go through them all yet but I did find this semi focused feel quite appealing. These 3 frames are actually taken in succession which, judging by the other frames further on in the film seems to be a reflection of my ability to gauge light and set the camera correctly. I think my speed judgment is off a bit but I'm not minding that I got these wrong :-)

I'll likely be posting experimental stuff up here for a bit while I get to work on the other projects I have lined up.

half frame- set
half frame- set