The photographic blog of Sean Wood (aka motionid)

website makeover

It's been too long coming. I've finally gotten around to redoing the 50mm site. In theory I should have had the blog and the site run from the same installation of Wordpress but that would just take up too much of my time.The new site is slowly coming together and with it a review on what goes on there and what should be going on the blog. You might find a few thing's missing from the new site. If that's the case start looking for them on the blog. Which means that I'm likely going to post a lot of old stuff up here in the near future. Some of which has not seen the light of day and should I guess (bit of a waste otherwise). The new site is nothing special but, being a designer, it took me ages to find a balance between functionality and simplicity. That and I kept changing my mind every five minutes so I guess that doesn't help. There will be a style issue between the blog and the new site. Something I will need to work on over time to bring into alignment. I've gone for a responsive design this time around which means it should work on devices other than a computer. One issue I have discovered, however, is the ipad 3 is causing issues regarding file sizes. The resolution of the screen is so high I need to serve very large images so they look good. This has quite an impact on load time and is not being helped by a bug in the slideshow code that prevents the loading animation from displaying. I could work on serving up two or three versions of the images but that might have to wait until after the site is launched.

Stay tuned.