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5D mk2 continued...

Fumi spinning in a cup at Disney Land

ok, So I might have over reacted a little when I slammed the camera. It is actually an amazing camera. Takes stunning pictures. Yes, even better that the 1ds mk3 (for $8k!) but it can't focus very well (I say not at all!) in low light / night. Some of you know I shoot events in these situations and also like to shoot the odd night candid photo. Well, seems with the 5D mk2 I was not going to be able to do any of that. It's a day time only kind of camera or night time - no moving subjects and break out the manual focus in certain situations - kind of camera. I.e. not suited to all subjects I am shooting. So, not able to aford or justify buying a 1ds mk3 or paying canon to build a special 5d mk2 for me I've opted to trade back.

I'm mentioning this so as not to kill anyones dreams of the camera being everything they hoped for. I'm sure if you've never shot with a pro camera for a while it will be. But for those that have you'll understand, read this and not learn the expensive way :-)