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German Contrails

It's been a while since I wrote anything. Work seems to have absorbed any creativity I have / had. Went to Germany for work and managed to grab a series of contrails with the phone. Europe always gets me with these contrails. I think people there must not think twice about them but when you hardly see them they become a bit of a novelty. First shot is from Schiphol in the Netherlands, the rest are from either landing in Frankfurt, walking around in Bonn, training from Hamburg or flying to or from Dresden.

Contrails in Amsterdam

While in Amsterdam (I'm still here as I write this but about to leave) I discovered a lot of planes leaving contrails. I'd seen this occasionally but not to the point where there were so many planes and trails all in the same place. I recall a contact on Flickr from France posting a shot that reminded me of the same and that I must live in a low trafficked area. That and the weather where I live is not as conducive to making trails.Amsterdam was an amazing place but these contrails are the one thing that seemed to really grab my attention. Rather than just try to shoot the trails I've attempted to add a bit of unique context by leaving in the surrounding buildings or trees.