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So yesterday I managed to have my computer infected by a very nasty Trojan that, in a matter of minutes replicated itself and took over my machine. I've gone many years of PC usage (and Mac usage for that matter) without this happening to me. No less that 84 viruses found on the drive with the OS on it. I could not get rid of them. This lead to a complete re-install of the system on a new disk. And I figured while I was in pain I'd inflict a little more by installing Windows 7. Having just gotten my machine almost to normal I have to say I'm very surprised by the performance of this new OS. All my apps seem to work without an issue. Drivers? Everything is automatic. I Did have to download a printer driver, my scanner and the Wacom driver but everything else related to the machine was taken care of by the OS. The speed of the new OS is noticeably faster than XP pro which I'm happy about and the interface seems to be an improvement (function wise) but I'll still need to get my head around these new permission issues.

Computers - fucking waste of time.

(and you mac people...spinning ball of death...yes, I know about that too).

Virus image By Solitaire Miles