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For what could possibly be a happy title I've managed to make a pretty dark image.Went out after a few drinks this evening and found myself a few Ponies with owners. Somehow through the rain and umbrellas I managed to get something I liked. Or maybe it's because I haven't shot this way for more than a year it feels new again. Either way it's different to the clich├ęs I'm known for apparently.

Mirror realities

I started to shoot this series and felt it lacked depth but it has been siting on my computer for a while and I thought it should see the light of day. Inspired by Jon, it's trying to find a different way to look at the same space I use to visit many times a week. Anyway, now that it's out I can leave it alone and get on with trying to find a new subject (which is seeming to take a very long time).

Dog's on the beach

This is a shot from a long time ago. I must be the ultimate procrastinator when it comes to choosing what to post.Everything about this photo is wrong but I can't help loving the atmosphere and spontaneity. It's starting to dawn on my I might have something for beaches. maybe i should spend some more time on them :-) (obviously this whole post is a note to self)

Afternoon light

Earthquakes, Radioactivity, bad backs, hospitals, work, dysfunctional servers. Just some of the thing's distracting me from adding pictures to the blog and taking new ones.

Credit for the ability to shoot on a very rare box of Polaroid Chocolate iso 80 film goes to Nanako san who was generous enough to give me a box AND a box of colour (yet to be shot) as well.

Let's see if I can make up for a large gap in posts.

Don't look up

And on a completely unrelated topic to the photo above, I will need to take a little break from shooting as I have managed to damage my back badly and need to rest it a bit.Expect a few archive shots to fill the gap in the mean time.


I have not shot a lot of candid street images for a long time. I've needed a break and a steady income to be able to have time to spend for this part time. This shot literally fell between the cracks. I missed scanning the whole roll and it's about 2 years old. Nothing else really worth keeping. I think I'm posting this for nostalgic purposes more than it being a shot of any substance. I might have to make a regular attempt to shoot a bit more of this once my other series' are done.



I've been scanning slides from the family archive. This shot is 1956 Paris I believe. I'm hoping to eventually make a book out of it. The shots will be very random but at least they will be easier to see than as mounted slides in a dusty box in a draw.

Parallel parking

Parallel parking

Another photo from my cycle to Yamanashi. I completely forgot this was there. The route I took is filled with photographic opportunities. The next time I go (this weekend?) I'll be leaving a lot earlier. It's one thing to just ride the route but something different to be stopping regularly to photograph scenes (makes the ride take forever).